Saarburg, Photo Diary


I completely fell in love with Saarburg, a beautiful, historic town nestled among vineyards in the Rhineland-Palatinate state of Germany. It is one of those places that makes you feel as if you have stepped back in time, with buildings dating back thousands of years. After getting a sesselbahn (chair lift) down from the campsite where I was staying into Saarburg, I did a little walking tour of the town. I physically couldn’t put my camera down it was so pretty. Sadly my constant attempts to capture its beauty in photos failed as it was a rainy day (I think the Irish weather followed me to Germany). A blue sky would have made all of the difference so I guess I will just have to go back again on a sunny day (my perfect excuse for going back)

Scroll on to see my photos from Saarburg, though they don’t quite do the place justice.

DSCN1793This castle, The Burganlage Saarburg, dates back dates back to the first century but was demolished, rebuilt and added to over time. It was free to go in so I climbed to the top and admired the view of Saarburg.

The sky decide to co-operate for this photo.


After the castle we wandered around a bit with no real plan until we found a tourist office. We took a leaflet with itinerary for a walking tour and followed its instructions. First it brought us to ‘Little Venice’, a small area with cute little bridges lined along the Leuk river. Little Venice made me want to go to the real Venice all the more.


Next, the leaflet brought us to this viewpoint over the river Saar. Yes they are raindrops on my camera lens.


It then brought us to the Parish Church St. Laurentius which existed as early as the 13th century but had many reconstructions since.


We then wandered to the gorgeous town centre which consisted of cobble stoned roads lined with historic buildings and cute cafes. The river Leuk ran through the centre.


These flowers were a nice pop of colour on a rainy day, and in my gloomy photos.


We got ice creams in Eiscafe Cascata (Germany has the best ice cream ever so we made the most of it even on a cold and rainy day) We walked around and had a look in a few shops until the rain got too much so  we headed back to the campsite. Me as a drowned rat with a new favourite German town.


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