A Day In Cologne, Germany

We had one day to explore Cologne, Germany’s fourth largest city. It’s insane how many tourist attractions there are and we struggled to decide what to do as there were 12 of us, each with different ideal plans. In the end we came to agreements and headed out for an exciting day in Cologne (with a very packed itinerary)

The Lindt Chocolate Museum

First we went to the Lindt Chocolate museum, located above the cities famous chocolate factory, by the river Rhine. I went expecting to get to eat more chocolate and was let down. There was a small amount of chocolate but don’t go there expecting that your entry fee includes an all you can eat chocolate buffet like I did (although you can buy chocolate in there).


After a few hours of strolling round the museum we were starving so we went to a really cute Italian restaurant called La Baia Doro restaurant for lunch.

The Old Town

After lunch we took a walk through the old town. When in Cologne, make sure that you go to the town square and stroll through the narrow cobblestone alleyways. it’s so picturesque and there is no better way to get a feel for any city than to go to the old town.


Here is a statue of the King of Prussia (1770-1840) in Cologne’s Heumarkt square.


Boat Tour

We took a boat tour which went up and down the Rhine river, there was a recorded voice on loudspeaker telling us about the different parts of Cologne and its buildings as we passed them.


To be honest, I zoned out a little because I was too busy admiring the view of Cologne from the boat and taking photos. This photo shows the view of Gross St. Martin church in the foreground and the Cologne Cathedral (Dom) in the background from the Rhine.


Cologne Cathedral (The Dom)

After our boat tour we walked up to Cologne Cathedral. It is one of Cologne’s biggest tourist attractions so we couldn’t give climbing it a miss. We split into two groups for this because some of the kids were too tired to climb it. It was a good job that they didn’t come because there was no lift, just stairs, 533 of them. Walking up to the top felt like an eternity but the amazing view was well worth it.



After taking way too many photos I just stood there admiring the view.


It was so high up that it didn’t feel real. After marvelling at the view we climbed down again. It took a while for me to get this photo of the cathedral with no people in the way and I managed to lose the group while doing so.


Cologne was amazing, it was perfect for a day trip but there is also so much to do if you are staying for longer. I was with a large group so I didn’t see as much as you probably could in a day but I would love to go back sometime and properly explore the city.

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